Innovation begins with obstacles

The story of AABCO starts back in 1992 when AABCO’s CEO Emilio Nakhle Antoun, inspired by engineering difficulties created a piece of software that put AABCO on the radar of the biggest construction companies.
After graduating from École supérieure d'ingénieurs de Beyrouth, with a degree in structural engineering, Emilio was hired by his professor Michel Chacar to design, calculate and draft beams.
The work was rewarding but complicated as he had to draft by hand and then send drawings to AutoCAD operators, which cost time and money.
But, this grueling process produced a moment of clarity for him. So, Emilio started developing Resist-Beam to automate calculations and drafting. Gradually, all beams in the firm were given to him and the fees he got from drafting started exceeding his salary.
Intrigued, his professor asked him how he was doing it, so Emilio showed him Resist. That is how Emilio got his first customer. Two months later he left his job to continue developing Resist-Beam, which opened a window of opportunity for him to sell Resist to the best engineering firms. As all these firms kept asking for more features, Emilio had to rewrite Resist for more than 5 times.
The turning point was when a big German contractor Züblin wanted to see it. They were thrilled, so they bought one version and asked their design consultants, all 8 of them, to use Resist for beams.
Then, Emilio decided to perfect the software to such a degree where any concrete element could be processed by it, even if design was done by other firms. The idea was to get things done without using much of CAD software. So, a shop drawing company with a lot of programmers was set up in Dubai. In 2000, AABCO was born.
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The pillars of AABCO’s success


In 2002, we began developing a project management application called INDIGO which enables us to manage production and project coordination. It distributes the workload automatically across our employee network and monitors the production process in real time. This app makes it simple for us to handle multiple engineers and projects at the same time, without having to compromise on efficiency and superior quality of our service.

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What makes us different is our game-changing detailing software that can be easily customized. It allows us to quickly adjust to any consultant requirements and generate high quality shop drawings that will get approved. It indeed represents a quantum leap in rebar detailing.

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Over the years, and as a natural extension of our automated platform INDIGO, we have developed an internal document management system that includes WIP, SAMPLE and Project management documents.

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Indigo, in-house detailing software and our document management system all facilitate AABCO’s work process that is unlike any other in the world of rebar detailing. This process lets us maintain and improve the quality of our work at all times.

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AABCO's people

In AABCO, we know that professional employees are crucial for successful delivery.

With our qualified and experienced engineers, architects, detailers, project managers and support staff, in three regional offices, together with our sister company Assra3, we create an economy of scale that allows our customers to deliver projects within shorter time frames.

We have around 90 full time engineers and detailers, working for us for more than 10 years, on mega projects and with international customers.

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Our sister company Assra3 is a web based company attracting professional detailers from all over the world and currently having hundreds of subscribers as rated users.

Assra3 allows us to increase or lower our production capacity, according to needs of customers and site schedules. It is a major component of our “stop and continue working” system of fluidity, that allows us to employ our people where they are needed the most at any given time.

More importantly, it is a place of equal opportunities for everyone.

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Our mission is to ease the construction industry’s dreadful nightmares by smoothing and streamlining onsite execution, and providing excellent and flawless deliverables and services.


Our vision is to work with the best construction companies and professionals and to participate in the biggest projects so that we can become a distinguished construction industry marketplace.


To ensure total customer satisfaction.
To exceed and transform expectations of our clients with timely, economical, clear, concise and error free drawings.
To provide our customers with quick and uninterrupted technical support.
To control the quality of our production system.
To emphasize on technological in-house tools.
To maintain highly qualified human resources.
To expand our capabilities to other engineering services.


Never stop at a certain achievement but follow new roads and discover new ways while remaining creative and innovative.
Bring work CLOSER to resources of our clients.
Allocate tasks by matching competency and talent to each task.
Maximize productivity through streamlined thinking.
Always be ambitious and keep a positive and optimistic attitude towards the projects we work on and the company.