Let Technology Help Your Business Run Itself


These days, anyone who claims their business “runs itself” most likely owes it to a magic pill called technology. Of course, when we say technology, we mean a small army of apps and gadgets that work tirelessly like a swarm of bees, even when you are sleeping.

So, if by now, for whatever the reason, you are not letting technology do you a favor, just think about how much time, money and nerves you could spare by using the power of apps.

It certainly worked for AABCO. We simply decided to make things better, so we replaced some old stuff with some new stuff.

Our management platform is a proper, 24/7 wizard. It automatically alerts us whenever there is something new going on. A request for information, an automatic update, or a new submittal. It also gives us, and our clients, the possibility of live monitoring.


Our software works like a charm. Managing our business and doing rebar detailing without it would be such a daunting process.


Your business too can run itself! And there are ways to make life easier for your clients, your employees and yourself. The answer lies in the magic of technology. However, like with all magic, the trick is to believe. It also helps, if you can match your business with just the right software. So, go and treat yourself with some custom made software or develop in-house apps like we did.

There is an ocean of opportunity here. Don’t be afraid to dive in!