Communication Matters!

When in a technical field of work one might think the technology offered or employed will cut the mustard.

Technology alone cannot win hearts and minds. It helps, but it’s not the only factor that makes customers come back for more. 

We should know. We have been on the technical side of construction for years now. And after thousands of rebar shop drawings and after developing the most advanced production system in the business, we are still amazed at how much we have accomplished through a simple little thing called communication.

Regarding our work, nearly half of concerns that come from contractors boil down to guess what? 

Communication and coordination.  

Do you have an office in our country? Will you have resources on our site? Will you send a small team to do work on site? Will you be present for weekly meetings? Will you provide someone to do coordination? 

“How do we communicate, with you being far away?” 

How can you do fast changes when you’re far? If we have a problem, will you send someone to solve it? We’re in different time zones. How do we bridge that gap?

Many questions. Many welcomed questions.

But, we don’t wait for contractors to raise issues. We know the issues. We’ve been living, breathing and solving these issues throughout many projects. And it all comes down to one simple fact.

Being the first to raise an issue solves 70% of the same issue for any contractor.

We share our experiences with any new customer and show how these can help prevent many nightmares regarding their project. 

You see, coordination is not a mere presence on site. It’s a know-how. A process we follow whether on site or in office. How else would we coordinate our own activities given that we have detailers in several countries, if not for a deep understanding of coordination and the tools we have developed to make it a painless process.

It’s thorough preparation. Especially preparation of documents. Our know-how detailing catalogue called WIP, schedules, RFI logs are all parts of successful coordination.

It’s being there, in heart, mind and body too. E-mails, calls and TeamViewer sessions work perfectly, but we know the value of face-to-face. Our teams are on site for a visit or a longer stay to gain a deep engineering understanding of a project and to ensure the process of coordination is properly set up.

We do all that and more. Because communication is a matter of feeling. And the most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.


We know outsourcing is a scary business. We know we have people in front of us with real concerns. We are in this together, as our work reflects theirs, especially in eyes of their bosses. We understand the pressure of being asked to perform beyond what’s humanly possible. We feel when they need solutions yesterday and how much they dread delays and budget overruns.

We know each person we work with is different. We ask how they prefer to communicate. Sometimes we keep in touch frequently. Sometimes less is more and no news is good news. Some of them never even call, simply because things are going well.

No need for me to call you, as my team never complained about any problems regarding your work.

Finally, effective communication is what it’s all about.

And the goal?

It’s for all of you to forget about rebar detailing. To scratch it off your to do lists, as we have got it covered!