How to Honor Time Commitments in Construction?


The very nature of the construction industry dictates a great number of small and medium sized companies that have direct involvement in design and construction of a project. This further implies that successful completion of a project relies heavily on many critical factors.

And what do all these factors have in common? The answer is obvious - the human dimension. The construction industry is a labor intensive industry and construction projects are often very complex endeavors. This is why it is of the utmost importance that everyone sticks to their job and deadlines and that everyone honors their time commitments. 

If only that was always the case. Quite often we face situations where in a hurry too many cooks spoil the broth and where panic creates chaos. 

But, just imagine for a second that there was a system where such obstructions could be completely avoided. 

Imagine there was a system that recognizes that professional employees are the crucial ingredient of any successful delivery. A system of quality control and accountability where you have highly trained people working in perfect accord. A system where errors are reduced to such a degree that almost no time is wasted on corrections and checkups. 

And imagine this system relies on an automated platform that distributes the work automatically to whomever is skilled and available. A “stop and continue working” system that ensures fluidity, where you can employ your people where they are needed the most at any given time. A standardized system that uses a common language allowing its users to easily take part in several projects at the same time. 

Imagine this system is extremely agile and lets you move your resources and stretch your capacities from one project to another without any strain on your employees. And imagine this system is supported by the best, custom made software tools. 

Imagine how much time, money and nerves this system could spare? 

Well, I don’t know about you, but it so happens that my colleagues and I don’t have to imagine such a system. We are already working in it and reaping all the benefits that it generously provides us with. 

For our company it wasn’t easy to develop this system. It took us a few years, a willingness to change, and an adventurous spirit to dare and venture into the world of modern technology. But, as we deal with rebar detailing, it was a must for us. We certainly had no intention to waste our time and resources doing things the old way. After all, and above everything else, it is our commitment to submit our work on time and in high quality. 

Now, we do realize the construction industry is a bit slow when it comes to change. But, don’t you think it is worth a try? And before you say anything, just try and imagine! Slow and steady does win the race. However, agile and adaptable can win you several races and help you honor multiple commitments at the same time. And lastly, what are all the commitments that we manage to fulfill, if not pillars of our success?

Thank you for your time.