The Express Appeal: What Makes or Breaks An Express Service?

On vacations, everyone is in their "relax and chillax" mode. So, in a place where a couple of colleagues of mine and I were "chillaxing" we often greeted the morning by walking along this lovely beach, packed with a long line of food stalls - ice-cream,  sandwiches, basically fast food in all its forms and shapes.

After a few days of strolling and observing, we noticed that in front of one of these kiosks there was a huge line and constant hustle. Now, as we have an express service of our own, mind you in construction, so in a completely different industry, we were puzzled by this image. 

"What’s all the fuss?" we were wondering. 

We were convinced that it was due to their excellent dishes, so on the last day of our vacation we decided to join that line and have a taste of those delicacies. 

Our conclusion: the row was not so long because they were offering some authentic specialties, or because of the beautifully sculpted Greek god that served, his mostly female customers, with his muscular arms, but, because he was painfully slow in food preparation and charging. 

Yet, there we were. The whole time we were mentally preparing ourselves for delicious bites of lobster, crab or possibly shrimp, covered in juicy dressing and salad, wrapped in a little hot pita bread. And we were under the impression that the line was so long because of heavenly food that all those insane tourist craved for, and because of the handsome "Apollo" that was serving us, but, apparently we were wrong. 

They managed to beat their competition simply by being slow. Go figure! OK, we admit, the Greek god helped! But, no, no, he didn’t manage to fool us into buying any food from him again. Then, in relation to our company’s fast track service we asked ourselves… "If this sort of thing happens in business over and over again, is it worth it to be fast and efficient and provide an express service, when your competition creates fictitious demand by long lines and attractive employees?" 

Well, we believe that it is worth it. As one of those colleagues and travel companions of mine eloquently said… 

"Sex appeal is not enough for Express appeal."

Having only form without substance is not enough. Offering pretty things and enchanting fables is not enough. And even though, whether we’d like to admit it or not, buying is an emotional, gut-feeling process, packaging is not enough! 

That is why we decided to embrace that Greek experience and to use it to improve our Rebar Express service

Each day, we make sure that we deliver on our word. So, if we say that our service is fast, accurate and reliable, and if we say that our product is of very high quality, you can bet that we will honor our words. 

Half the time, our business is not a face-to-face business. We don’t have the luxury of having gorgeous employees saving the day just by sitting there and looking pretty. For all you know we might be a bunch of nerdy, silly looking engineers. Thus, we know that in regard with our customers, we have to bring real value to the table! 

After all, delivering on your promises is what makes or breaks any business and any service out there! And no miracle can save you if you break your promises and betray the trust of your clients. Full stop! 

Well, whatever the industry you work in, we hope you have enjoyed what you’ve just read and that we haven’t left you hungry for Mediterranean cuisine. If you happen to have any similar experiences please feel free to leave a comment! 

Thank you for reading!