Contractors, Let Time Be on Your Side!

OK. Let's be honest in the construction industry time is never on anyone's side, as delays are lurking at every corner. They happen due to many factors, whether of internal or external character.

There are things one simply cannot control, such as delays caused by clients. These can be changes to initial design, slow decision making, vague desires and goals or unexpected financial troubles. Some can be pinned down to force majeure, when nature goes wild and showers us with bad weather. Sometimes banks and restrictive regulations are the big bad wolves. Or, projects themselves prove to be very complex and tricky to build, especially in challenging locations. 

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Revolutionary Ways of How Not to Get Lost in Construction Details

It goes without saying that construction projects can be a tad overwhelming at times. The construction industry is very fragmented and projects are often divided into segments that are subcontracted to individual companies. The most complex projects are regularly plagued with all sorts of problems and when looking from the outside, this primarily results in frequent delays and cost overruns. For a contractor, this is a nightmare as the number of details they have to worry about is mind-blowing. But it doesn’t have to be so, if they choose their subcontractors wisely.

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