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It goes without saying that construction projects can be a tad overwhelming at times. The construction industry is very fragmented and projects are often divided into segments that are subcontracted to individual companies. The most complex projects are regularly plagued with all sorts of problems and when looking from the outside, this primarily results in frequent delays and cost overruns. For a contractor, this is a nightmare as the number of details they have to worry about is mind-blowing. But it doesn’t have to be so, if they choose their subcontractors wisely.

In our company, details are our business. Rebar detailing is our business. And today, in response to requests of people that read my previous article, I decided to share with you the first one in the series of blogs about our secret for success. That is, how we have managed to stay on top of our game regarding quality of our work and how we have set up our system so that not a single important detail eludes us. 

Over the years, we have developed an internal document management system that relies on something we like to call WIP. 

WIP stands for Work Input Parameters and it contains all parameters for each reinforced concrete element of a project. It is comprised of and complements all IFC drawings related to general notes and typical details. Each concrete element has its own WIP and our detailers always use it as a point of reference for their rebar detailing work. Thus, they not only know what to do, but how to do it as well. 

In a way, WIP provides very clear guidelines that ensure uniform detailing and avoidance of multiple interpretations of detailing parameters among our operators. 

Needless to say, all our WIPs are, first and foremost, sent to contractors for approval, comments and general feedback, which allows for unified production. 

Our WIP is also very useful when it comes to checking. In our system, all checkers use WIP, which leads to unified output; whether we are talking about checking activities or actual rebar detailing activities. Likewise, it is used by contractors and sometimes consultants as the base for checking. All parties use the same language and give the same output, so there is no room left for discrepancies and multiple interpretations of comments provided by different users and checkers. 

When working on a specific project, all our detailers are bound by WIP. It is automatically uploaded to their jobs section within our automated platform. They are obliged to use it or else their work will be rejected. And yes, it is a strict system, but it ensures proper execution of all our rebar detailing work, so that it is always in line with parameters of a contractor approved WIP. 

Maybe the best thing about WIP is that it gets automatically updated and replaced with the latest revision, immediately upon receiving any new comment or information from contractors or consultants, which reduces chances of error repetition to zero. 

What also helps our detailers is our system’s use of standardized language and format. Namely, all projects have the same WIP language, so that detailers don’t have to learn a new language or format when going from activity to activity within the same or a different project. This greatly simplifies starting of a new job, as there is no familiarization required. 

It also helps us unify and reduce production time and time allocated for checking. In this way too repeats and errors are completely eradicated. 

Perhaps, for the majority of construction professionals out there the devil is in the detail. But for us it is a bit different. In details, we find beauty. We are striving for a revolution in rebar detailing and will not be satisfied with the status quo. 

Do not let the details overwhelm you. Sometimes, in order to achieve high quality of execution within limited time frames, all a project needs is a bit of proper organization and standardization. 

I hope our system of work and our standardized rebar detailing business model will inspire you. And I invite you to our game changing revolution. 

If you would like to know more about our business process, please contact us at any time.

Thank you for reading.


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