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OK. Let's be honest in the construction industry time is never on anyone's side, as delays are lurking at every corner. They happen due to many factors, whether of internal or external character.

There are things one simply cannot control, such as delays caused by clients. These can be changes to initial design, slow decision making, vague desires and goals or unexpected financial troubles. Some can be pinned down to force majeure, when nature goes wild and showers us with bad weather. Sometimes banks and restrictive regulations are the big bad wolves. Or, projects themselves prove to be very complex and tricky to build, especially in challenging locations. 

But sometimes, just sometimes, by controlling what we can control, time can actually be on our side. And that is especially true for concrete phase, if we’re talking about reinforced concrete structures. 

Speaking from my own experience and from experience of my colleagues, proper time management can definitely ensure speedy delivery. 

We did it through complete modernization and automation of our work process. In my previous post, I presented a part of that process, that is, the crucial ingredient of our document management system. However, to improve our output in terms of speed, we have some other cool stuff in our bag of tricks. 

Aside from perfecting the way we manage our documents, we have also invested a lot in our own software and into creating an automated platform that allows us prompt and proper allocation of all available resources. 

For instance, the platform is utilized 24/7, which enables us to distribute the workload automatically across our network of employees and freelancers at all times. Basically, our detailers will receive automatic alerts about any new inputs, be it revisions of management documents, or requests for information and replies to those requests, submittals, and so on. Simply said, the system is very agile and allows for uninterrupted and timely flow of data and information. The result is that we can generate high quality product very fast, and thus, help our clients avoid delays. 

And painful as it is, all contractors, and generally construction professionals out there know that delays cost money. However, time can be your ally, when you learn how to use it to your own advantage. 

Yes, external factors can cause you delays and it may happen that you are overbooked on other jobs. But, you can work on your management skills. You can improve your business through software and various automated management tools. You can choose the best external consultants and subcontractors. And finally, you can learn how to communicate effectively. The truth is, as with other things in life, a lot of issues can be avoided with proper communication. 

In other words, clear and timely communication is critical and that’s exactly what our tools and processes enable us to accomplish. We can easily communicate our intent, because our system allows us to do so. And for us, that proved to be the winning formula. 

And I hope you will find yours too!

As always, thank you for reading!





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