Quantities Take-off

Take the guesswork out of Rebar Bill of Quantities.
We make it 99% accurate.

We don’t underestimate. We don’t overestimate. We get it just right.

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Ordinarily, BoQ for steel and concrete is done without previously producing rebar shop drawings.
Hence, calculating exact quantities for a project is virtually impossible.
AABCO made it possible.
We do BoQ based on actual shop drawings generated beforehand in our game-changing software.

Eliminate huge BoQ costs

A construction project is not easily awarded. The market is harsh and increasingly competitive. Bidding on one, let alone several projects will make your BoQ costs huge. Getting it wrong will cost you, every time. Overestimate and lose a bid. Underestimate and overrun your budget.

The solution is easy. Forget about estimation and have exact rebar quantities.

Get bonus perks.

Shop drawings

After you’ve won that bid, get fast delivery of shop drawings you will need for the project. As we have already made the shop drawings to get the accurate BoQ, they are waiting ready for your order.

Steel management

Our software enables us to sort all steel bars in a way that allows for only 1% waste of steel. With the best combination of different rebar lengths we give you minimum usage of steel and maximum cost control.

Cost sharing

Share BoQ expenses for with other contractors bidding on the same project. Expenses are equally divided and this option is cost-efficient for everyone involved, ensuring an equal and fair tendering process.

What AABCO BoQ looks like

Basic BoQ + Rebar statistics + Number of cuts and bends for an entire project
Basic BoQ - Length of all bars with diameters, weight of steel, volume of concrete and rate of steel in concrete.
Rebar statistics - Number of rebars sorted by lengths and diameters for an entire project.
File types - BoQ can be converted and presented in Excel or CITE format for importing into your estimating software, and it is delivered electronically.
Sorting can be done by default or by your needs and wishes. Sorting is possible by element, level or building.
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