Rebar Detailing

Get rebar detailing tailored to your needs.

Choose a service that’s right for your project. Whether it’s a regular project, with no particular difficulties, or premium, with a few challenges attached,
the end result will always be the same - your peace of mind.


  • One building.
  • Simple details.
  • One construction team.
  • Ordinary level of coordination.
  • Finalized design.
  • Regular onsite schedule.
  • Very competitive rates.

Need rebar shop drawings yesterday?

Rebar Express is a special, high speed rebar detailing service designed to deliver shop drawings in 48 hours only!
A flexible, on demand assistance you can use in urgent situations, no strings attached.
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Enjoy a successful rebar detailing journey.

No matter the size or complexity of your project.
Send us your project files - IFC design drawings and if available General Arrangement drawings, and leave the details to us.


All the input files, as deep understanding with proactive approach is the key to successful delivery.


List of Packages, Schedule, RFIs, Sample, WIP, Prototype, Comments, Updates.


Allocate resources, Distribute work, Launch production, Check quality.


Review before submitting, Submit drawings & BBS, Update project progress chart, Update submitted DWRGs list.